Freelance IT engineer: VBScript demand and future Relationship with PowerShell Deprecated, removed language


There are actually engineers who are currently freelance with VBScript, but it is said that it will be extremely difficult to do it in the future with only VBScript. This is partly due to the trend of the times, but it is also due to the emergence of alternative technologies.

What is VBScript?

VBScript is a programming language that comes standard with Windows. If you have a Windows terminal, you can write VBScript, and it’s easier to work with than other languages. In order to operate the programming language, it is necessary to install the runtime etc. Although VBScript is developed based on Visual Basic, it is a scripting language, so the specifications are different. What are the characteristics of VBScript?


no compilation required

VBScript is a scripting language, so no compilation is required. A programming language that requires compilation has the advantage of making it easier to check the results of program modifications, but VBScript is slightly inferior in functionality because compilation is no longer necessary.

Easy to build development environment

VBScript is one of the programming languages that makes it easy to build a development environment. You can easily prepare a development environment. A Windows computer and a text editor are enough to develop VBScript. It is possible to develop using only a Windows PC.

almost the same as Visual Basic

VBScript is a programming language developed based on Visual Basic, so the syntax of VBScript is almost the same as Visual Basic. VBScript is based on the syntax of Visual Basic, with a partially simplified syntax.

Demand and future of VBScript

The demand and future of VBScript is very bleak. Reasons for this include:

unit price is falling

The unit price of VBScript ranges from 400,000 yen to 900,000 yen, and although it depends on your skill, it’s not so inferior to other languages. However, the average unit price is falling compared to before. The unit price as of 2023 is said to be around 500,000. The reason the unit price is falling is the rise of other languages.

Small development scale

VBScript is not often used in large-scale development work. Because VBScript is a scripting language and is a programming language that assumes simple system development. Therefore, there is only demand for small jobs with a small budget, and the unit price is inevitably falling.

Spread of PowerShell

The reason VBScript has a bleak future is the rise of PowerShell. Microsoft is promoting the spread of PowerShell, so it is said that the turn of VBScript will gradually decrease. It is said that PowerShell will take over VBScript’s turn because it has many functions and can automate Microsoft service operations and various processes.

Degraded version of VB

VBScript is a scripting language realized by removing many functions from VB. Therefore, it is clearly inferior to VB in terms of functionality. There are other VBA, but VBA is built into Office products and easy to use. Compared to VBA, VBScript is more difficult to use, so it is used less frequently.

Designated as a deprecated language by Microsoft’s announcement

Although VBScript was a language provided by Microsoft. The company has announced that it will deprecate VBScript in October 2023. The situation is quite hopeless as it will be removed from Windows in the future.

The number of such “disappearing languages” has increased by one more. This is “VBScript” provided by Microsoft. In October 2023, the company announced that it would deprecate VBScript. It will be removed from Windows in the future. Until then, it is expected to be available as a feature on demand.

VBScript uses a syntax similar to the programming language “Visual Basic” and is built into Windows as a standard. It was often used for a function called “Windows Script Host (WSH),” which automates Windows operations. Specifically, a program to operate Windows is written in VBScript and saved in a file with the extension “vbs”. Run this file to achieve automation.

However, currently, “PowerShell” is mainly used rather than WSH for such purposes. This is because PowerShell is not only more functional, but also has stronger security. WSH itself is destined to disappear.

VBScript was also used in Microsoft’s dynamic web page generation technology called ASP (Active Server Pages). When you embed a script in HTML, the code in that script is executed on the server to generate the HTML that is sent to the client’s web browser. VBScript and “JScript” (Microsoft’s proprietary language based on JavaScript) were used to write this script.

Source : nikkei

Features of PowerShell

PowerShell is a programming language developed in 2006 that has many functions and can be used according to the situation. Although there is a difference from VBScript, it is said that Microsoft is pushing PowerShell in the first place, and because it can substitute VBScript functions, it will take away jobs from VBScript.


PowerShell has commands dedicated to PowerShell, and about 130 kinds of commands are prepared, and various operations are possible by combining commands. This makes it possible to implement a wide variety of actions.

Operation of Microsoft software

You can operate other Microsoft offices from PowerShell. Being able to operate various Microsoft services has made it possible to centrally manage and automate them. This allows you to automate all the mundane tasks.

Agents are recommended for VBScript job hunting

VBScript is also expected to be less work, so if you’re looking for it, it’s preferable to use a freelance agent. Freelance agents have a large number of job openings, so you can get a job introduction just by waiting.