Freelance IT Engineer: Reality of engineers with little practical experience Required years of experience and skills


Can I become a freelance engineer if I have little work experience? It is said that the required period is 3 years, but there is a way to obtain a project. Freelance engineers tend to be veteran engineers with several years of experience, but even young engineers in their 20s can become freelancers. However, the problem is that I don’t have much experience, and in this state, can I become a freelancer? The question arises.

The actual situation of engineers with little freelance work experience

If you have only six months to one year of practical experience, can you do it as a freelancer? It’s a question to say, but even if you don’t have a lot of years of experience, you can become a freelance engineer. Engineers are always in short supply, so there is a surplus of jobs. First of all, inexperienced engineers are required to accumulate achievements. However, please note that there are some restrictions as follows. We recommend that you first register with an agent company.

So how many people in their 20s became freelancers with little experience? According to the contents of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency survey in 2016, there are such survey results regarding the age at which freelancers became freelancers. Surprisingly, about 18% of all people become freelancers in their 20s. Therefore, even if you are in your 20s and have little experience, you can see that there are some people who are in the minority but are freelancers.

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Register with as many agents as possible

If you are an inexperienced engineer, the first question is whether you will get the job. First of all, we recommend that you register with an agent such as the one below. It is better to have 5 or 10 companies instead of just one. The reason for this is that they are inexperienced, so even if they register with an agent company, there are cases where they do not introduce any deals, and there are cases where they are left unattended. Therefore, it is better to register with as many companies as possible.

low reward

This is an unavoidable problem as I am an inexperienced engineer, but the compensation is low. Because they have little experience, they may still need support from those around them. First of all, if you are an inexperienced engineer, the income is low, but it is better to be patient and take jobs and focus on gaining experience. It takes a lot of courage for a company to hire an inexperienced engineer, so their work conditions and performance are unknown, and they won’t pay for it.

easy job

An inexperienced engineer is not very likely to be suddenly assigned as a programmer. First of all, there is a high possibility that you will be assigned to simple work such as tester or system monitoring. It is preferable to start with simple tasks and gradually work your way up, but this also has its advantages. The failure rate is low because the required skills are low. It is unlikely that you will be able to do high-level development work. Because they have little experience in the industry, contracts tend to be one-off or short-term, and they gradually build up their skills.

job description

The content of the job you will be introduced to will most likely be similar to the experience you have had over the past six months or one year. This is partly due to the client’s desire to do as much work as possible. Therefore, there is a high possibility that you will be engaged in work similar to your previous experience. If we do not continue our business, the amount of referrals will be low. You may be more successful if you register with an agent and leave it to a consultant. Of course, I don’t have any knowledge and I’m sure there’s a lot of anxiety.

Time to work

Even if you register with many agents, it will probably take you a lot longer to get hired because you don’t have much work experience compared to people with more experience. In some cases, it may take several months, so you need to be patient. It takes time to find a job and it is difficult to earn a stable income. It is unlikely that you will reach the desired amount. Many people start out as full-time employees with a side job and gradually increase their orders and participation.

How many years of experience do you need to become a full-fledged freelance engineer?

It is difficult to judge whether a person is a skilled engineer based on years of experience alone. The reason is because of the individual’s talent and skill level. In particular, there are considerable individual differences among programmers. Just as a generalization, how many years of experience do you need to be evaluated? When providing services, the high quality of technicians is also required. When looking for a job, you will be expected to have at least a certain number of years of experience. It is said to last at least 2 to 3 years.

1 year of experience

If you have one year of experience, even if you are still a company employee, you have not been assigned a big project at the company. Therefore, it is at a level where you are asked if you can handle the task at hand. They are often not counted as immediate forces, and require support from those around them. It is best to first decide on the direction you are aiming for. There are a lot of recruitment needs such as php and java. It depends on the environment, but it’s better to focus on improving your skills and not think too much about the conditions.

1 and a half years of experience

Once you have one and a half years of experience, you will start to wonder if you can handle the assigned work on your own. Gradually, you will no longer need support and you will be able to solve more problems on your own. Therefore, if you can tell the client that you have more than a year of experience, it will be easier to win various projects. As you become accustomed to the work, you will be able to see the flow of your career development. Study scripts such as javascript and ruby to acquire practical skills.

2 years of experience

You can become a freelance engineer with 2 years of experience. If you have more than two years of experience, you will be at a level where you can only handle the tasks assigned to you. People with two years of experience will be more likely to be recognized as having skills as a business person in addition to their work as an engineer. You can start working as a sole proprietor and be able to work freely, but the disadvantage is that you may get too many orders and get bored. Basically, many people aim to become freelancers by continuing to study what they lack.

3 years of experience

If you have more than three years of experience, you may be able to earn more money by becoming a freelance engineer. They are expected to be able to work immediately as they will be able to handle most tasks. Furthermore, you can expect a fairly high compensation unit price, so it is highly recommended. Nowadays, if you learn things like swift and typescript, you won’t have any trouble getting work done. You will be able to do your own work even when working remotely, and you will reach a level where you have mastered programming languages to some extent.

5+ years of experience

They will be able to speak multiple languages and will be called the experienced veteran class. Some people change their ways, but most people continue on their current path. Nowadays, projects such as python and C# are expensive, so if you can handle these projects, the unit price will increase easily. You will often be the center of a team structure at the workplace, and you will always be able to play an active role in your main job. You’ll start getting new requests, and you’ll probably start thinking about starting your own business.

What is the difference between a company employee and a freelancer?

If you find it difficult to find a job in the future, you may need to consider returning to work as an office worker temporarily as an option. In the case of mid-career recruitment, there is an interview and there are hurdles, but the important thing is to have a stable immediate life rather than freelance. The way they are viewed as human resources is different. Freelancers are easy to earn and secure if you have skills, but the reality is that it is difficult if you lack skills or qualifications.

Freelancing is all about whether you can handle the task at hand.

When working as a freelancer, the focus is inevitably on whether or not you can handle the task at hand and the details. Furthermore, depending on the timing, most of the jobs are completely specialized and ready for immediate use. In addition, your knowledge of taxes and tax saving, such as final tax returns, will also be tested. Management skills and management skills are also highly sought after. If you are the type of person who finds countermeasures and management troublesome, a company job may be more suitable for you.

If you are a company employee, can you expect long-term employment?

For office workers, on the other hand, the key point is whether you can expect long-term employment. They are looking at whether the person they are looking for can be trusted, whether they can work for them long-term, their personality, and their personality. There are some companies that are picky and picky, but depending on the type of job, the human resources tend to be relatively more lenient compared to freelancers, so it’s easy to find a match if you apply. Also, the insurance is split in half, so it’s easy to have some take-home pay left over.