Should I register with multiple freelance agents? Reasons for combined use Advantages, disadvantages, and precautions Thorough explanation


Is it better for engineers to register with multiple freelance agents? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Actually, unless you are a very skilled engineer, we recommend registering with an agent, but is it better to use multiple agents?

Is there any advantage to using multiple freelance agents?

If you want to become a freelance engineer, is there any benefit to using multiple freelance agents? There are cases where it would be advantageous: It takes more than just skills and experience for a person in charge to support a company’s services. You want to earn a lot of money even if it’s a side job, and you want to realize your desired career. There are some features that are different from direct contracts, so be careful when looking for one.

budding engineer

This is recommended if you have just started your own business and have no connections or connections. Because an agent does everything for you. If you’re a novice engineer, you probably won’t be able to negotiate terms, troubleshoot, or even file tax returns on your own. In such cases, it will be a big advantage. Since it is available for free, users can start using it immediately depending on their job type and responsibility.

People who are not good at sales

There are few engineers who want to go independent and are not good at sales, so those who are not good at it are not good at communicating their strengths on their own, and the reality is that there are many cases where they are unable to find clients and receive orders. In this case, we recommend registering with an agent. If you register, they will do as much work for you as you like, and they will introduce you to job openings just by waiting, so it is very convenient. On average, you can choose more than a few.

Expands your options

Freelance agents have a large number of projects for engineers who want to work independently, so they can freely choose to work one or two days a week, work remotely, be permanently stationed, or even short-term or long-term. This will allow you to choose better conditions and reduce the risk of blanks. If you tell the consultant what you want, you can also improve the skills you are looking for. You can also increase your income by finding high-priced projects.

No blanks are generated.

Sticking to one agent may leave you blank. If you successfully utilize multiple agents and get work from them effectively, you can of course secure the minimum amount of work even with a low income. Once you start receiving requests, if you increase the number of fields in which you can collaborate, your human resources will basically be able to work and earn money for a long time regardless of their circumstances. With this in mind, it is important to increase registration and expand the frontage.

Can accept multiple orders

If you want to receive orders for multiple projects in parallel, you can prioritize and increase the number of orders. Rather than trying to find multiple projects by yourself, by registering with multiple agents at once, you will be able to do a lot of work, and you will be able to proceed more and more to your advantage. There are cases where you have three or more, but the key thing to keep in mind is schedule management.

You can find projects even if you have no experience

Overall, it is said that it is difficult for inexperienced freelancers with no track record in the industry to receive orders. Even through agents, it is difficult to find deals, but by registering with multiple agents, you can increase your chances of receiving referrals. We recommend that people who have problems with their skills prepare and take the time to register as many as possible. You can also find out the market price by looking on the web. Just being able to use software such as python and java will make a big difference in the amount of projects that will be introduced. There should be more opportunities to connect.

Utilize welfare benefits

By using multiple different agents, you will be able to receive maximum benefits from the operating company, making it more fulfilling. Depending on the reason, if you consult with a tax accountant, they will introduce you to a tax accountant, which is attractive. You can feel safe filing your tax return because you can receive and receive important professional advice. Depending on the company, there is a salary guarantee, so in some cases it is better than changing jobs as a full-time employee. Compatibility with consultants is also important when it comes to working styles.

Is there a disadvantage to using multiple freelance agents?

On the other hand, there are disadvantages to registering with multiple freelance agents. We recommend that you consider the disadvantages of using multiple agents. By knowing the disadvantages, you can proceed without regrets. There are so many job openings that are posted on their own, so there are cases where the burden of receiving too many jobs can become overwhelming. Be careful about managing your schedule.

Increased number of interview schedules and communications

If you use multiple agents, it will be difficult to coordinate interview schedules until you get involved. There is a possibility that even your private life will be pressured because you will be asked a lot of questions and have to schedule interviews. This all depends on skill and experience, so all I can say is that it depends on the person. Please avoid double booking at all costs. Opportunities to report on the situation, operate, and communicate will increase dramatically for each company.

Projects are only available in specific areas

More than 90% of the work for IT freelance agents is concentrated in the metropolitan area (Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa) or Osaka. Even if they have a shared position with others, most of them are geographically limited. There are some jobs that are not open to the public and the compensation is generous, but even though there are a wide range of jobs available all over the country, if you think you can afford it, there are times when people in rural areas may not be able to land a job even if they register for multiple jobs. There are many jobs where remote work style has not been widely adopted.

Increased office work

If you use multiple agents to participate, administrative and accounting tasks will increase. The number of agents will increase the number of documents submitted and the processing itself will increase. In order to work stably and continuously for a period of time, I would like to concentrate on my work, mainly development, but I get interrupted by various administrative tasks. In the future, it will depend on your level of honesty, but if the number increases to a level that you cannot grasp, you will need to take measures such as requesting a tax accountant. They are knowledgeable and will provide explanations if necessary. There will be more interaction overall.

Increased number of emails and phone calls

If you use multiple agents, you will receive a flurry of calls. We will receive more emails and phone calls to introduce cases such as hearings and counseling. You may also receive calls during work hours or on your days off, so you may need to take precautions. If you are using other agents, you will need to communicate with each other about your progress. This increases the number of procedures and administrative work. The larger the company, the more contacts there will be.

Apply for the same job

If you use multiple agents, there is a risk that different agents will apply for the same job. It causes inconvenience to the agent, and there is no benefit for the freelancer. This can cause confusion and inconvenience to the client. You may not be able to advance your career because of a strained relationship of trust. This may reduce your chances of getting a second chance. When making a selection, discernment and judgment are important.

Where would you recommend it? Introduced in list

Now, taking the above into account, we will introduce recommended companies that have comparatively low fees (margin fees), are fast-moving, and have a reasonable number of deals based on our experience, in a table with information for reference. Job openings range from programmers, infrastructure, designers, and data scientists. I’ll also include the URL, so let’s take a quick look first. Generally, many people register with 5 to 10 companies, so we recommend registering with multiple companies. Agents are also recommended for those who find it difficult to manage. As a result, they will act on your behalf.

レバテックフリーランス       10%~20% 60000レバテックフリーランス
ギークスジョブ10%~20%4000geechs job(ギークスジョブ)
Tech Stock10%~15%8000求人サイト
Strategy Consultant Bank20%~30%500フリーコンサル独立支援【Strategy Consultant Bank】
エクストリームフリーランス       10%~25%6000【エクストリームフリーランス】
IT求人ナビ フリーランス?200IT求人ナビフリーランス
Free Engineer Office?300Free Engineer Office|フリーランスエンジニア向け求人サイト
ハイパフォーマーコンサルタント         ?5500ハイパフォーマーコンサルタント