Is Kotlin old? Reasons why it is said to be so, demand and future potential, thorough explanation


Are Kotlin engineers old? This article will thoroughly explain the benefits of the language, including the reasons why it is said to be popular, its demand, and its future potential. It is a language proposed by Google for Android application development and is quite popular. However, why is it that people still call them obnoxious? I’m explaining the reason.

What kind of programming language is Kotlin?

Kotlin is an object-oriented programming language developed by Czech company JetBrains. Its value increased when Google adopted it as an app development language for Android, creating demand in the commercial world. I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of Kotlin. If you want to create a new web application or migrate, use Kotlin.

the code is very simple

Kotlin is a language that can be written concisely even in the industry, and is a very beginner-friendly language to learn. The code syntax for conditions and loops is written in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, reducing the burden on system construction. Because it can be executed with more concise descriptions than Java, it has the advantage of reducing programming time. You can learn for free. If you have an efficient study method, you will learn the basics quickly.

Very safe

Since it is developed as a general-purpose language, it is developed in a way that makes it difficult for the code to become defective. It is known as a very safe language because it rarely causes problems that could lead to system failures due to bugs occurring. It is predicted that it will become more popular than ruby, python, swift, etc.

Easy to migrate from Java

Kotlin, which is highly interoperable with Java, has great features as a language for developing Android apps. It is possible to call and use Kotlin from Java. There is the convenience of being able to use Kotlin for newly developed functions while keeping old code parts in Java. As a career, if you implement and learn Java and JavaScript in the future, you will have more options and it will be advantageous.

Why is Kotlin considered obsolete?

There’s a reason why Kotlin is considered outdated these days. Engineering is a popular profession with increasing demand, but at the same time, there are also opinions that it is unnecessary. This is because it has the following characteristics. However, if you contribute with your services even if you have no experience, your market value will increase. You will learn from the support provided by the project and will be able to chart your own career path.

Initial setup is complicated

Setting up the Kotlin development environment is difficult, and solving errors when they occur requires specialized knowledge. For this reason, it can be said to be a very difficult language to use, as it can cause problems such as the system not working properly if an amateur tries to use it.

Dedicated libraries and frameworks

The Kotlin language is usually developed using Kotlin-specific libraries and frameworks. In other words, this will not work without knowledge of Kotlin-specific libraries and frameworks. It takes time to be used effectively. Furthermore, Kotlin is updated regularly, so you will need to be aware of its contents.

Basic knowledge of object orientation

Kotlin, like Java, is based on object-oriented programming, so a basic knowledge of object-oriented programming is required. Understanding object orientation requires learning over a long period of time. In the field, knowledge and experience of algorithms are required to create programs that achieve efficient processing, so the level of difficulty is surprisingly high.

What about the demand and future prospects for Kotlin?

The current state of Kotlin is as follows. Let’s consider this point and see if it has any future potential.

Engineers can maintain high annual incomes

Engineers are required to have advanced knowledge and know-how, and their annual income is set proportionately to the level of difficulty. The average unit price for freelancers is hovering around 600,000 yen to 700,000 yen, and you can expect an annual income of around 7 million yen to 8 million yen. Rising demand in the mobile market tends to generate this high annual income. Even if you change jobs as a full-time employee, you can expect to reach the same level.

Impact on mobile market growth

Kotlin is a language that is in high demand in the mobile market. In modern society where the number of smartphone users is increasing and digitalization is progressing, the demand for mobile applications is increasing, and the average unit cost of Kotlin is also increasing. In many companies, the usage of applications is expanding further, such as remote work and online shopping.

The number of job openings is increasing

As the demand for Kotlin is gradually increasing, the number of job openings is also increasing. As stated above, there is a shortage of engineers due to the expansion of the mobile market, but there are plenty of job openings available. If you learn Kotlin, you will also be able to understand Java, so it is a recommended language for those who want to advance their career or improve their skills.

Orders can be placed as a freelance agent

Once you can actually use Kotlin, you will be able to register as a freelance agent and receive orders. Below is a list of the main agents, but the average unit price for a full-time job is around 600,000 yen to 800,000 yen. If you only do it on weekends as a side job, the average price will be a daily rate. If you are interested, please register first.

レバテックフリーランス       10%~20% 60000レバテックフリーランス
ギークスジョブ10%~20%4000geechs job(ギークスジョブ)
Tech Stock10%~15%8000求人サイト
Strategy Consultant Bank20%~30%500フリーコンサル独立支援【Strategy Consultant Bank】
エクストリームフリーランス       10%~25%6000【エクストリームフリーランス】
IT求人ナビ フリーランス?200IT求人ナビフリーランス
Free Engineer Office?300Free Engineer Office|フリーランスエンジニア向け求人サイト
ハイパフォーマーコンサルタント         ?5500ハイパフォーマーコンサルタント