The reality of programming side jobs: Reasons why you should quit and reasons why you can’t make money


The reality of programming side jobs is that you don’t have the skills to earn money, so it’s not always easy. This article explains how to earn money with no experience and projects. As everyone may know, programming cannot be learned in one day. Therefore, I will explain the reality that you will not see results right away.

Can you make money with a programming side job? The reason

Programming is a world that is highly recommended for those who have acquired skills and achieved a high annual income, as there are many jobs that can be changed from sales, customer service, security guard, and factories. Programming skills are very useful for people who want to change jobs. For this purpose, programming knowledge is essential, but many people start with a side job, but this is where they often end up giving up. What is the reason? There are quite a few hurdles to overcome when you first start providing services, earn money, and increase your income. I will explain the reason for your reference.

There are few projects that can be won with just basic technology.

Of course, for beginners to be able to make money with programming, they have to study. It will take about six months to a year. However, many people have only mastered basic skills. There are many cases where it is difficult to get a project if you do just that. In addition, if you are an inexperienced person, even if you are entrusted with the project, it will be slow to create it, so it may be difficult to meet the deadline.

Side job sites are highly competitive

If you look at companies such as Crowdworks and Lancers, you will see that the competition rate is extremely high considering their low unit prices. Crowdsourcing, which allows everything from taking orders to earning rewards, can be done online, and there are too many applicants, and there are many competitors, from beginners to professional level people. If that happens, beginners will be kicked out. If you do programming as a side job on these sites, you may earn less than a part-time job at a convenience store. Prices are declining across all occupations.

Not enough sales

In order for beginners to be able to make money with programming, they need to focus on getting a job. Sales skills are also essential in winning projects from competitors. However, I have the impression that there are many people who are neglecting this business. If you are a beginner and have no experience, you will need to sell to many customers. If you are a beginner or have no experience, it is difficult to make tens of thousands of yen. You need to work hard to win orders.

Nowadays anyone can create apps for free

As the number of people learning programming has increased, tools for creating apps and websites for free are also appearing. These can be easily done even by people with no programming knowledge, so there is no point in daring to program them. The same goes for apps. We are living in an era where simple knowledge alone is no longer enough to get a job. There is a shortage of programmers, but this is due to a lack of manpower for developing large-scale systems, and it is not possible to earn money with basic skills.

No team development experience

If you are a programmer and have even a little experience working, you will understand that it is common to have specific team development experience in the commercial world. If you are a beginner and have no experience developing in a team, it will be difficult to receive orders for high-priced work. If you do not have a lot of practical experience and achievements as an engineer, it will be difficult to get a job from a company. There are many people who are unable to advance in their careers and have worries and anxiety when starting a career.

Points to note when programming as a side job

When starting a side job in programming, you should also pay attention to the following points: If you are thinking of starting a side job, be careful when accepting orders, whether you are inexperienced or experienced. Overall, it is a job that is attracting attention and has its own needs. Start coding and put your skills to good use.

Conditions are secondary.

First of all, if you are a beginner or someone with no experience working on a side job, don’t worry too much about the immediate conditions or compensation and concentrate on getting the job and building your career. When you first start working, the average salary you get is a few tens of thousands of yen. It is important that your first goal is to improve your skills, not money. By working, taking on challenges, and succeeding, you will naturally be able to earn 100,000 yen or 200,000 yen. The longer you remain active, the more options you will have in the future.

Does not affect the main business

It is treated as a side job and should not affect your main job. I get a big reward for working hard to create a program, but if it affects my day-to-day work, I’m putting the cart before the horse. Compared to your main job, you can’t expect much support or consultation from a side job, and you have to basically solve everything by yourself. Schedule management is also an important point. It is also important to be able to discipline yourself when working remotely.

About the job you are applying for

The job you actually apply for as a side job must be one that you can handle on your days off, and the amount of work you can do. As a first step, the trick to finding work is to limit your workload to one or two days a week. The advantage is that you can learn and gain a lot on the job, but be sure to investigate and make sure that the schedule until delivery is reasonable. This is a specialized job, so do some research in advance to see if it can be done.

Build a relationship of trust

It is also necessary to build an important relationship of trust so that the client will want to entrust you with exclusive responsibility. Once you have established a connection with the customer, you need to be able to make them feel that you can handle the work. It’s difficult, but if you do this, your clients will choose you, and it will be easier for them to prioritize your work over your competitors. Earnings are stable and you can make money by developing apps without having to push yourself too hard. The important thing is whether or not you can continue to receive work.

Don’t do it lightly

Just like designers and writers, programming jobs always have specific deadlines, so you need to fit them into your schedule. This often happens when people are interested in money and apply without looking at the details of the job offer. However, once you have received a request, you must take on the challenge of finding ways to implement it efficiently within the limited time available. In fact, the market is severely understaffed, but work is work. Once you are matched, you need to feel responsible.

How to make money with a programming side job

So, how can you actually make money with a programming side job in the industry? It’s about learning the steps below and then getting a job. Freelance agents can solve all of the problems described above, and the quickest solution is to use multiple agents to introduce projects.

Learn in-demand programming languages

Let’s study first. You can learn on your own by attending a school or by reading content from free websites. Let’s do it well for six months to a year. Java, PHP, Python, javascript, html, css, and ruby, which are in commercial demand, are most recommended. Please take your time and perfect your skills to the point where you can at least create some kind of software or tools by yourself. It would be good if you knew programming languages, OS, and databases, but you probably won’t go that far, so master programming languages first.

Create a portfolio

If you are starting a side job in programming, you probably don’t have any experience yet. Therefore, it is necessary to create a portfolio. A portfolio lets you showcase your projects and work on your personal website to demonstrate your abilities to clients and employers. You can create a website for free with Jimdo, Wix, etc., so let’s give it a try.

Utilize freelance agents

Take advantage of freelance agents. If you are inexperienced, you may be able to register 10 to 20 companies for management. Please apply if you would like to work for one to two days on the weekend. As explained above, crowdsourcing is not recommended because the competition is too high and the unit price is low. Freelance agents charge a commission, but in exchange they will introduce you to work for free. Let’s show your portfolio and appeal to them in order to win orders.

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