Why are so few people able to use VBA (excel macros)? Thorough explanation of future demand


In this article, I will explain why there are so few people who are able to learn VBA (excel macros) at companies and improve their work efficiency. For some reason, not many people can use VBA. Despite the overwhelming demand for Microsoft Excel and Access, why is it that there are not so many people who can do it?

Why so few people can do VBA

Now, let’s start by explaining why so few people can use VBA. Due to the historical background, we can see that the number of people who can program with VBA is gradually decreasing. We will summarize the information in an article. VBA is available for free, and if you have experience and knowledge, you can use it to easily streamline data manipulation and processing and simplify your environment. This is recommended because it saves time on manual labor. The code in the book is easy to learn and the program is not difficult.

specialized for a specific use

VBA is used to simplify and automate the operations of Microsoft Office. In general, VBA has limited areas where it can be used highly, and it has very low versatility. However, on the other hand, VBA is also compatible with the Internet. It’s a little convenient, and it allows you to efficiently analyze and aggregate the work of computers and systems that involve not only Excel but also the entire PC, and can also support automation.

low commercial value

The people introduced in this blog are freelance development engineers, but VBA programmers have low commercial value. Unfortunately, it is not a popular language because the unit price is limited to 300,000 to 500,000 yen per month due to short delivery times. The unit cost for C language, Python, Java, PHP, javascript, etc. is about 1.5 to 2 times higher than this, so not many engineers are willing to do it. The number of people who buy books to obtain qualifications or change jobs has also decreased.

Potential for services to be superseded

In recent years, Google Sheets has replaced Microsoft Excel. Even in situations where Excel is currently used, there is a good chance that Google Spreadsheets will replace the service in the future. Microsoft’s Excel is also expensive, and it is unclear what will happen in the future.

Freelance projects are on the decline

Freelance jobs are on the decline these days. There are many situations in which VBA is useful within work, but this work tends to be done by younger employees within the company rather than being outsourced. It is clear that the number of VBA projects is decreasing year by year compared to the number of other programming languages. As a result, the current situation is that there are fewer people who can do it. Even if you are able to use VBA yourself, there are some people who move to other languages because the conditions are really bad.

Is there a future demand for VBA? Isn’t there?

As mentioned above, VBA has many negative elements, but will it still have value in the future? However, the reality is that many companies have introduced Windows and Office. What will the future hold? In terms of current business efficiency, if you can use excelvba’s functions on a solid basis, it will be easier for your boss to evaluate you. Internal management and records will also become easier. It is important because it can be expected to be productive and effective despite its low level of difficulty.

Will Office no longer be used by companies?

This is important information, but no company has stopped using Office, but will this continue to be the case 10 or 20 years from now? That doesn’t necessarily mean that. The truth is that even if it is mandatory now, I don’t know if it will necessarily be required in the future. However, the most appealing thing is that you can solve all the repetitive daily office tasks by running the application.

Percentage of people who can actually use VBA

As we know from the news below, only about 50% of people can actually use VBA. There are few people with IT skills in the workplace, and conversely, engineers with VBA skills may be highly valued.

リトルソフトは7月11日 、「社会人のITスキル・利用ツール」に関する調査結果を発表した。調査は2月25日~26日、全国の30代~50代の会社員1,010名を対象にインターネットで行われた。



会社員1000人に聞いた「エクセルでマクロを作成できない」人の割合は? | マイナビニュース (mynavi.jp)

There are few people who make a living with just VBA.

Currently, when I look around me, there are very few people who can make a living as freelance programmers using only VBA. Few people think of it as a career. The reason is that the number of projects is decreasing and the unit price is decreasing. Furthermore, in the case of VBA, there is the problem that the income is not stable because it is difficult to take a long time and the delivery time is short. Therefore, it is important and very good to be able to speak not only VBA but also other languages such as SQL database and application development.

If you can do VBA, you can do a side job.

It has become all about negative factors, but if VBA is possible, office workers will be able to work on side jobs in less time, starting from one or two days a week. VBA is rarely a large-scale project, so resources are limited, and it is a highly recommended skill for those who want to do a side job, so why not give it a try? If you wish, you can register as a freelance agent.

Basics from design to testing

A major feature of VBA projects is that programming is rarely the only thing involved. Basically everything from design to testing is included. You will conduct interviews, create a design document, code, and test by yourself. Since it’s all about tools and programming is simple, it’s especially suitable for beginners and inexperienced users.

Freelance agent market price

Once you can actually use VBA, you will be able to register as a freelance agent and receive orders. Below is a list of the main agents, but the average unit price for a full-time job is around 300,000 yen to 500,000 yen. If you only do it on weekends as a side job, the average price will be a daily rate. If you are interested, please register first.

レバテックフリーランス       10%~20% 60000レバテックフリーランス
ギークスジョブ10%~20%4000geechs job(ギークスジョブ)
Tech Stock10%~15%8000求人サイト
Strategy Consultant Bank20%~30%500フリーコンサル独立支援【Strategy Consultant Bank】
エクストリームフリーランス       10%~25%6000【エクストリームフリーランス】
IT求人ナビ フリーランス?200IT求人ナビフリーランス
Free Engineer Office?300Free Engineer Office|フリーランスエンジニア向け求人サイト
ハイパフォーマーコンサルタント         ?5500ハイパフォーマーコンサルタント